Fuel3D Labs Integrates with 3DplusMe Personalization Platform

by suthomas Aug 12, 2015

Mass-personalization scanning booths with integrated 3D capture technology unveiled at SIGGRAPH 2015

Los Angeles, CA – August 12, 2015 – Fuel3D Labs, a developer of customized 3D imaging solutions, announced today that mass-personalization software company 3DplusMe has extended its SaaS platform to be compatible with Fuel3D’s image capture technology. The combined system is being unveiled for the first time at the SIGGRAPH 2015 tradeshow in Los Angeles this week.

3DplusMe was the first company to create an end-to-end, turnkey, fully customizable platform for mass personalization. The company has partnered with leading brands to bolster their brand-activation strategies by offering 3D-printed merchandise personalized through the power of 3D face scanning technology. 3DplusMe has licensing agreements with major sports leagues, gaming entities and entertainment companies to offer toys and collectibles.

Prior to engaging with Fuel3D Labs, the 3DplusMe platform already accepted inputs from a range of image capture technologies suitable for a variety of form factors, including floor-standing kiosks. For the kiosk portion of its business, the partnership provides 3DplusMe with access to the core features of Fuel3D’s cost-effective technology, which captures a high-resolution, color 3D scan of a face in less than a tenth of a second. As with conventional 2D photography, rapid capture delivers sharper images and greater ability to capture a fleeting expression.

“Our partnership with Fuel3D provides access to best-of-breed capabilities, including instant capture and stunning spatial resolution in a compact device,” said Tom Ngo, CTO, 3DPlusMe. “When fans experience 3DplusMe to become their favorite superheroes or athletes, this translates into a spontaneous, social encounter, which can help companies deepen their brand engagement with customers.”

This is the first implementation to be publicly announced by Fuel3D Labs, which leverages advanced 3D scanning technologies to develop new products for companies that want to harness the potential of fast, cost-effective, high quality, 3D imaging in their business. Its parent company, Fuel3D, is the company behind the award-winning SCANIFY handheld 3D scanner.

“We are very excited to be working with an innovative company like 3DplusMe, who have some incredible partnerships with some of the world’s leading sporting and entertainment brands,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D Labs. “The technology that underpins our SCANIFY product is highly adaptable and configurable to suit a wide range of applications and we look forward to revealing more of our exciting engagements in due course.”

About 3DplusMe
3DplusMe delivers the premier capture-to-print SaaS platform for mass personalization. It is the fastest way for a brand to get to market with personalized 3D printing, and the easiest way to achieve scale with consumers. A one-stop solution, the 3DplusMe platform addresses every aspect of mass personalization, including acquisition of facial or other personalized data, content ingestion, content personalization, quality assurance, fulfillment, support, remote management, and reporting.

About Fuel3D Labs
Fuel3D Labs is the custom development division of Fuel3D and we create innovative 3D scanning applications for a range of industry sectors. Our goal is to work with companies that want to harness the potential of accurate, high-resolution 3D image capture in their markets.

Our parent company, Fuel3D, is a developer of high speed 3D image capture technologies that produce high-resolution, color 3D models. SCANIFY®, the company’s first consumer product, is a handheld 3D scanner designed to allow high quality 3D content to be quickly and easily captured for a range of applications. For more information, visit www.Fuel3DLabs.com

For more information, contact:

Danny Sullivan


Tel: +44 772 497 4255

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Cydni Tetro
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