Top 10 3D Models you can view in Virtual Reality with Sketchfab & Google Cardboard

by Jamie Mar 04, 2016
Top 10 Sketchfab

The 3D model repository Sketchfab have recently just added a VR button especially designed for owners of the Google Cardboard. Whilst uploading your 3D scans to platforms such as Sketchfab is fun, it’s now even greater you can view your own 3D models in virtual reality. The Sketchfab platforms hosts over 500,000 3D models which can now all be viewed via Google Cardboard. Here at the Fuel3D offices we’ve been enjoying viewing our existing scans that we created with SCANIFY in VR and we hope our users do too. If you’d like to see some scans we’ve produced you can view our Sketchfab profile here:

We’ve listed below our top 10 favourite scans on Sketchfab which can all be viewed with your Google Cardboard or VR device by simply tapping the ‘View in VR’ button in the bottom right.



1. Take a look around Van Gogh’s Room

Van gogh Room
by ruslans3d
on Sketchfab

2. Take a tour around The Rome Colosseum 

Coliseo de Roma / Roman Colosseum
by Néstor F. Marqués
on Sketchfab


3. Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro

Christ The Redeemer In Rio De Janeiro
on Sketchfab


4. Tyrannosaurus Rex from Jurrassic Park

Tyrannosaurus Rex – Jurrassic Park
by Joshua Shahinian
on Sketchfab


5. Amphipolis Greek Tomb

Amphipolis Tomb by (new update #3)
on Sketchfab


6. Granite head of Amenemhat III from the British History Museum

Granite head of Amenemhat III
by The British Museum
on Sketchfab

7. Holographic Princess Leia scene from Star Wars (Zoom in to see detail)

The Holographic Princess Leia
by Kyan0s
on Sketchfab

8. A beautiful “chateau” of the small village of Hautefort in Dordogne, France.

by Gerpho
on Sketchfab

9. The Academy of Athens; a philosophical school founded in 387 B.C. 

The Academy of Athens
by InDigital
on Sketchfab

10. Firewatch Fan Art

Firewatch Fan Art
by tzeshi
on Sketchfab


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