3D Face Scanning Comparison & Aniwaa Review

by Fuel3D Mar 12, 2016
3D face scanning with beards fuel3d

The debate as to whether we have passed peak-beard has been had, but scanning faces with beards won’t be going away any time soon. Below we have two face scans of our CEO Stuart Mead; the first one has been performed with the Artec Spider scanner and the second with our own Fuel3D scanners. The Artec scanner uses a 3D imaging process called structure light and as you can see for facial hair this can cause issues with the infrared light struggling capture to capture facial hair data. Fuel3D performs particularly well with facial scanning along with capturing fine details in the data, this is because we use stereoscopic and photometric imaging which also captures the scan within seconds.


artec spider
Artec  – Structured light imaging where the infrared light has issues capturing the facial hair data
scanify stuart
Fuel3D – Stereoscopic and photometric imaging performed with an instant capture. Multi-scan image stitched together using Fuel3D Studio 2.1

Don’t get us wrong, the Artec is an extremely useful and powerful scanner which has it’s purpose for a lot of applications. This is just an example application of how our affordable alternative scanner can provide a quality high resolution image that is comparable to high-end scanning solutions. Recently 3D printing database ANIWAA independently tested the SCANIFY and produced a full face scan comparison  which can be read here: Review of the Fuel3D SCANIFY portable 3D scanner and comparison images can be see below.

Fuel3D SCANIFY (Source: ANIWAA.com)
Intel RealSense (Source: ANIWAA.com)
Shining 3D Einscan-Pro (Source: ANIWAA.com)
Artec Space Spider (Source: ANIWAA.com)


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