Navigating Fuel3D Studio Software – Essential Workflow Tips ‘n’ Tricks

by Charlie Mar 22, 2016
Navigating Studio

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Charlie from Team Fuel3D here, and for this post, I’m giving tips on navigating Fuel3D Studio, the proprietary software which comes free with SCANIFY – below you’ll find information for the typical workflow for scanning > viewing and manipulating > and exporting. Whether you own a SCANIFY device or not, I hope you’ll find it useful …

1. Capturing and processing scans:

1. Click the Viewfinder button

2. Locate the optical tracker

3. Push the capture button

Things you might not know … about capturing and processing

  • Half suppressing the trigger on the device turns on the guide lights – great for scanning in dark lighting conditions
  • Only one trigger is required for capture. This means you can hold the scanner in one hand, but be sure to keep the device extra still during capture
  • Typically, once a scan has been taken, the flash cool down time is 15 seconds and a scan takes around 30 seconds to process in the software – new scans can be taken as your previous scan is processed


2. Next up, view and manipulating:

1. Wait for scan to load in the scan tray

2. Select the scan from scan tray by clicking it

3. Edit and inspect using the tool window

Things you might not know … about viewing and manipulating scans

  • View controls: left click and drag for orientation; right click and drag to move; magnify using the scroll wheel on your mouse
  • Changing the scan to monochrome helps identify the low-res data for cropping. This is the monochrome icon: Monochrome
  • When cropping, you can still use the same view controls as above
  • For fine inspection, use the lighting Lighting or wireframe features Wireframe


3. And finally, here’s how to export

1. Utilise the remesher tools

2. Click the save icon

3. Export in STL, OBJ or PLY

Things you might not know … about exporting scans

  • Did you know you can export direct into Sketchfab, the online platform for sharing 3D files? Create an account at, generate your API token, then set-up sharing from Fuel3D studio via this export icon: share
  • The remesher tool can be used on single scans, but unfortunately not for stitch projects
  • Want a decimated file? Studio also exports for games makers and for those conscious of file size/ memory. Use the decimate icon to set the vertices: decimate

Please note, some features listed are only available in our upgradable packages. See here for the difference between Fuel3D Studio Starter, Plus or Advanced.

For more tips and tricks, feel free to send us an enquiry via our FAQ site or check out our YouTube channel for our latest tutorial videos, including how to stitch in Fuel3D Studio.

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