Fuel3D unveils super high-resolution desktop 3D scanner

by Fuel3D Jan 05, 2017

3D scans at 45 microns captured in 0.14 seconds for applications including medical treatment tracking, quality assurance and biometrics

Fuel3D, a leading 3D capture and imaging innovator, today announced the details of a new compact 3D scanner. The Fuel3D Desktop Scanner is a high-speed imaging and measurement system, designed for capturing extremely high-resolution 3D data.

In just 0.14 seconds, the Fuel3D Desktop Scanner captures high-resolution 3D data (accurate to 0.045mm). The scanner captures both shape and color data of smaller objects – around the size of a human ear.

To support application development, an SDK will enable users to integrate the Fuel3D Desktop Scanner into their own applications.

The compact and portable scanner is ideally suited to desktop applications including:

  • Treatment tracking for wounds and melanomas
  • Next generation fingerprinting
  • Product and component quality assurance
  • Biometric security systems
  • Development of wearables such as custom-fit ear buds

“The speed and accuracy of the Fuel3D Desktop Scanner are a significant development in 3D scanning,” said Stuart Mead, CEO, Fuel3D. “The technology behind this product was originally developed for medical applications so capturing human features such as ears for wearable technology and 3D fingerprints for security are a natural step.”

The Fuel3D Desktop Scanner is being demonstrated privately this week at the CES tradeshow, with commercial availability expected in June 2017.

About Fuel3D
Fuel3D’s technology captures accurate 3D geometric data and color at super-fast speeds. This enables the company to deliver innovative applications of 3D data into disruptive new products and services. Fuel3D’s proprietary algorithms and software, combined with its solutions consulting and hardware development expertise, create substantial advancements across multiple market sectors, ranging from laboratory research and eyewear to advanced neuro surgery and healthcare applications. Fuel3D has operations in Oxford in the UK and San Francisco and Greenville in the USA. www.fuel-3d.com

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