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Custom development of sports equipment is not a new concept, but the materials, technologies and processes used in this area have changed dramatically in recent years. The days of using tape measures and mold casts to capture the unique dimensions of an athlete are gone – replaced by the ability to scan the body in 3D.

Fuel3D technology

Fuel3D develops cost-effective 3D scanning technologies that rapidly capture high-resolution, color 3D models of the human form. The company’s market-leading handheld 3D scanner, SCANIFY, is well-suited to applications relating to the sports industry, including:

  • Facial injury masks: Capture incredibly accurate facial models to enable creation of customized masks that are a perfect match to the athlete’s face

In addition, Fuel3D can develop custom 3D scanning solutions for specific or more complex scenarios, such as:

  • Custom-fit sports safety equipment: Create unique equipment like gloves, headgear or eyewear for sports such as hockey, baseball and football
  • Bespoke footwear: Create custom in-soles, shoes and boots for sports such as soccer, athletics and snowboarding
  • Body composition assessment: Use highly accurate 3D data to track body fat and muscle development over time to monitor progress

SCANIFY, provides a powerful, cost-effective option for collecting anatomical data in 3D, enabling:

  • Rapid capture: The lightweight, portable scanner captures highly detailed color 3D images and data in less than 0.1 seconds, ensuring that the subject’s movement cannot distort the image.
  • Accurate anatomical models: With resolutions accurate to 350 microns (0.35mm), anatomical data can be captured to a very precise level.
  • Easy use: The simple point-and-shoot action ensures that data can be collected easily by non-specialist staff.


  • Enhanced performance: Sports equipment can be tailored to complement a wearer’s dimensions or movement. For example, positioning cleats or spikes to provide better grip and drive for their running style.
  • Prevent injury: Custom headgear that fits the wearer perfectly is less likely to move during impact and should cushion the wearer more effectively. Customized out-soles contoured to the foot and combined with bespoke positioning of cleats or spikes should reduce the risk of metatarsal injury and alleviate pressure on joints.
  • Additional revenue: Sports retailers can differentiate and earn additional revenues by offering fully bespoke products at a higher cost than off-the-shelf products.
Head 3D model

A 360° render of a head as seen from multiple view points in Fuel3D Studio software.


A wireframe of a 360° head 3D model from up close.

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