Facial healthcare applications

3D scanning in healthcare

Accurate capture of a person’s facial dimensions is a key component of many healthcare procedures. Traditional methods of facial capture, such as plaster moulding and 2D photography, are prone to inaccuracy, can be invasive and can result in poor diagnosis and planning. Increasingly, 3D capture techniques are being used to generate more accurate records of facial geometry and features.

Fuel3D technology

Fuel3D develops accurate 3D scanning technologies that rapidly capture high-resolution, color 3D models of the human form. The company’s market-leading handheld 3D scanner, SCANIFY is well-suited to a range of healthcare applications, including the 3D capture of facial data for:

  • Pre-operative planning and tracking treatment outcomes
  • The creation of masks for facial burns or sleep apnea
  • Monitoring healing progress over time

Fuel3D technology provides a powerful, cost-effective option for collecting facial data in 3D, enabling:

  • Accurate measurement: With a resolution accurate to 350 microns (0.35mm), facial data can be captured much more effectively than by traditional methods.
  • Rapid capture: Capturing highly detailed color 3D images and data in less than 0.1 seconds, ensures that movement cannot distort the image.
  • Easy use: The simple point-and-shoot action ensures that data can be collected easily by non-specialist staff.

In addition, Fuel3D can develop custom facial-scanning solutions for specific or more complex scenarios.


  • Save time: Simple workflows and fast capture mean that facial data can be obtained in seconds.
  • Reduce discomfort: 3D scanning of a person’s face is considerably less invasive than traditional methods like casting moulds, reducing stress and discomfort.
  • Improve quality: High accuracy levels allow the creation of masks for people with facial burns or sleep apnea.
  • Reduce costs: Using SCANIFY, measurements taken by non-specialist staff are as accurate as those taken by specialists.
A 3D scan of a face side profile

A 3D render of a face as seen from a side profile in Fuel3D Studio software


A close-up of the 3D wireframe clearly shows the level of detail that’s achievable

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