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3D scanning in animal care

A wide range of animal conditions, such as wound and hoof health, are typically assessed and tracked using visual information. The traditional method of assessment is using visual observations by vet or farmer, possibly supported with 2D photography, both of which are prone to inaccuracy and can result in poor diagnosis and planning.

Fuel3D technology

Fuel3D develops cost-effective 3D scanning technologies that rapidly capture high-resolution, color 3D models of the animal form. The company’s market-leading handheld 3D scanner, SCANIFY, is well-suited to animal care, including the 3D capture of data that can be used for the measurement and tracking of:
  • Hoof conditions
  • Wounds
  • Body and limb geometry

In addition, Fuel3D can develop custom 3D scanning solutions for specific or more complex scenarios, such as:

  • Capturing 3D images of animal limbs for development of 3D printed orthotics and prosthetics
  • Orthopaedic surgery planning and post-treatment assessment
  • Creating custom-fit equipment such as horse saddles


  • Access anywhere: Bring the portable 3D scanner wherever you go – suited to working indoors, out in the field or in low-light conditions like barns.
  • Support positive outcomes: Improve the quality of wound and hoof care to help ensure more reliable healing trends.
  • Accurate documentation: Capture animal data throughout the treatment lifetime for permanent electronic storage and for use in support of insurance claims and potential legal cases.
  • Reduce operational costs: Reduce product waste through improved assessment and outcomes tracking.

A 3D wireframe of a wound up-close in Fuel3D Studio

A 3D model of a horse's back for custom-fit applications

A 3D model of a horse’s back as used in orthopedic and custom-fit applications

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