Our 3D data capture systems help to replace antiquated manual processes that are costly and slow. With our technology, data can be captured in meaningful ways that were not previously possible e.g. face scanning for eyewear. Our mission is to fuse our scanning expertise with specialist knowledge from within a range of vertical applications. Customized solutions frequently prove to be more cost-effective than off-the-shelf products, tailoring your solution to the specific requirements of your organisation.

Here are some of the markets we’re engaged in and their values:

We are in the early stages of developing a 270 degree face scanner which will be widely deployable in the eyewear industry to support the growth of custom eyewear and enhanced customer service.

Our 3D technology originates from applications within the medical sector, detecting the volume and tissue structure of wounds. Now, our technology is used to facilitate numerous medical research projects and real-world applications. Our hardware takes scans quickly, with high levels of accuracy. Originally developed for the task of scanning human skin surfaces, Fuel3D data capture delivers an accuracy that is also rich in texture and color acquisition.

Additionally, our technology is ideal for taking scientific measurements; subjects can be captured in 3D data, then measured and monitored over time.

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