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3D scanning in wound care

Accurate point-of-care tracking of the wound image and dimensions to identify variances in 3D and plan treatments is key for healthcare professionals to ensure positive outcomes. Traditional methods of wound measurement, such as plastic measuring guides and 2D photography, are prone to inaccuracy and can result in sub-optimal assessment and planning.

Fuel3D technology

Fuel3D develops accurate 3D scanning technologies that rapidly capture high-resolution, color 3D models of the human form. The company’s market-leading handheld 3D scanner, SCANIFY, is well-suited to wound care applications, including the 3D capture of imaging data that can be used for the measurement and tracking of:

  • Pressure related indications, venous and arterial ulcers
  • Traumatic injuries and surgical outcomes
  • Diabetic foot ulcers and other conditions

SCANIFY provides a powerful, cost-effective option for collecting data in 3D, enabling:

  • Accurate measurement: With a resolution accurate to 350 microns (0.35mm), image data can be accurately collected and monitored by professionals.
  • Wound volume tracking: A non-invasive method for healthcare professionals to measure wound volume at multiple points in time.
  • Rapid capture: The lightweight, portable scanner captures highly detailed color 3D images and data in less than 0.1 seconds, ensuring that movement cannot distort measurements.
  • Easy use: The simple point-and-shoot action ensures that data can be collected easily by healthcare professionals and administrative staff.

In addition, Fuel3D can develop custom wound-scanning solutions for leading solutions developers for specific or more complex scenarios.


  • Support healing outcomes: Healthcare professionals can improve the quality of wound assessment and outcome tracking, providing consistency in the approach.
  • Accurate documentation: Capture 3D data at multiple points in time for permanent electronic storage and for use in support of potential legal cases.
  • Reduce costs: Improving the accuracy of wound measurement and outcomes tracking can support intervention with the right treatment at the right time, lowering the amount of product waste.

A 3D wireframe of a wound up-close in Fuel3D Studio


A 3D render of a wound on a model foot as seen in Fuel3D Studio software

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