Fuel3D’s hardware delivers a capture speed of sub-0.1 seconds enabling the fast and accurate capture of 3D data to a level, and at a price point, that has not been possible before. We compete with other high-end products that can capture the same level of detail but require more skill to operate, retaining a resolution of up to 350 microns.

Fuel3D’s team of software and solutions experts continually innovate through commercial engagements, building a growing bank of 3D software and hardware intellectual property.

Customised solutions frequently prove to be more cost-efficient than off-the-shelf solutions as they are tailored to your exact requirements, avoiding the cost and time or reconfiguring third party hardware and software components.

Ease of use

The 3D capture of an object can be made as simple as point-and-shoot, or even automated into your existing processes.

Cloud processing

Our cloud services deliver fast processing and the ability to manage complex 3D data.

Flexible configuration

Cost-effectively scale up your system to include multiple scanners working in unison and capture more data simultaneously.

Low-spec processing

Process 3D images in seconds on a low-cost consumer PC, or take advantage of faster technologies to achieve full video rate processing.

Speed of capture

Capture high-resolution 3D images in less than 0.1 seconds, which is literally faster than the blink of an eye.

Fast monetization

Drive annuity revenues through a pay-per-click model for software-based IP.

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